Video courses with Jan Switten

The first four video courses, initially in English, are now available.

We have developed this course to give a first, quick and compact insight into the complex world of packaging.

We offer four courses in which the various elements of the packaging chain are explained step by step. In course four, we also focus on the world of biopolymers for packaging, which are currently much discussed and in high demand.

Basic knowledge 1: Plastics for packaging

All begins with the basics of packaging. Why packaging is important. The cornerstones of packaging – polymers. What is the correlation between the structure and properties of polymers? We then give an overview of the different classes of polymers used in packaging: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester and Polyamides. We end this module with additives.

Basic knowledge 2: Producing plastic film packaging

Part 2 looks at the techniques of converting these polymers into films, bottles, etc. We cover lamination and multi-layer films, but also blow moulding of bottles and thermoforming.

Basic knowledge 3: Packaging: the final stage – packing

Part 3 covers the final steps before the packaging enters the distribution chain. Easy opening, sealing and easy-opening by means of peel are described. The next topics are barrier and MAP packaging. Packaging testing and European food regulations conclude this video course.

Biopolymers for packaging

This part is completely designed to understand biomaterials. Definitions and different terminologies are discussed in detail. We explain:

  • Biodegradation
  • Composting
  • Bio-based materials
  • Circular economy.

This season then describes the main groups of biomaterials

  • Polylactic acid materials
  • Polyhydroxyalkanoate family
  • Starch and cellulose based materials

All four seasons comprise around 50 videos between 10 and 20 minutes in length. All courses can be purchased individually. The charts are available for download.

Winter Special: Until March 1, 2021, we offer an introductory offer for all four courses together at the price of 750,- €. You save 446,- € or -37%.

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