Initially unpopular EU directives promote innovation.

Hallo, I am the new Easy Opening cap – your hero on the beverage carton!

The EU did not think of that when they told me to live on the packaging.

Stay by my side, I will show you the world of beverages anew!

Hey, it is me, the brand new cap that never comes off your beverage packaging. Why am I so cool? Because I stick around, no matter what. I am like the loyal friend you never lose – always by your side!

Opening made easy – even for morning grouches!

I know it is hard to open your eyes in the morning. But do not worry, you do not have to struggle with me. One little movement and the milk is there! No spilling, no swearing. And when you have had enough, you simply close me again. Life can be that simple!

As secure as Fort Knox!

I have another cool feature: the tamper-evident closure. It is like promising you that nobody else can get to your drink but you. When you open it, you know you are the first. That is a good feeling, isn’t it?

Environmentally friendly – because I do not run away!

I stick to the packaging and do not disappear into the rubbish as a single item. Less plastic for the environment, more green conscience for you! And because you can close me again and again, you help to avoid food waste. That makes us a great team for the planet!

EU-compliant – I stick to the rules!

And in case you did not know: I fully comply with EU Directive 2019/904, which states that me and my mates, the other plugs, are not allowed to run away from the packaging. We stay where we are to produce less waste. Isn’t that great?

Try me out – and do good!

So, let us do it together – open, close, drink and repeat it! I promise you, disposal will never be a chore with me. Together we will make your beverages safe, convenient and environmentally friendly. And it is also fun! Give me a try and you will see how easy and clean your life can be!

PS: And a big thank you to all those who not only further develop resealable closures for disposable packaging in line with EU requirements and in a cost-optimised manner, but also produce genuine innovations, as this video shows.

Karsten Schröder

(with the support of ChatGPT)

Video: Innoform – delivers flexpack knowledge , Jan Schröder (

This is my personal assessment. I was not paid or asked to do this by anyone.